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You might find that you’re ready to buy a car but want more information about the commitment you’re about to make. Luckily we’re here to help! Here are a few tips to ensure you get a positive and lasting experience from your new purchase.

Dont miss the warnings from your new vehicle!

Before you pop the hood to give it a look, the first habit you need to form is to pay attention your dashboard lights. The lights that come on after one turn of the key (or a half push, for keyless cars) and is your car’s way of communicating any issues. Get familiar with the symbols and their meanings so you don’t miss important warnings from your new vehicle.

Listen! Your Vehicle is trying to tell you [...]


Having an evacuation plan is an important part of your hurricane preparedness. You may need your car for evacuation purposes after most of the risky weather has passed. Follow these simple steps to ensure your car is safe during and after a hurricane.

Fuel up!

Remember to fuel up before the storm hits as gas stations may not be open immediately after the passing of a hurricane.

Where to park

Ensure that you park your car in an area that will protect it from missile damage and flood waters. Parking your car indoors is ideal during hurricanes but if that’s not possible, parking yo [...]

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