Hurricane Safety Tips For Your Vehicle

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Having an evacuation plan is an important part of your hurricane preparedness. You may need your car for evacuation purposes after most of the risky weather has passed. Follow these simple steps to ensure your car is safe during and after a hurricane.

Fuel up!

Remember to fuel up before the storm hits as gas stations may not be open immediately after the passing of a hurricane.

Where to park

Ensure that you park your car in an area that will protect it from missile damage and flood waters. Parking your car indoors [i.e. Garage] is ideal during hurricanes but if that’s not possible, parking your car next to a building can shield it from some of the harsh weather. Look for high ground. Avoid parking your cars in low-lying flood-prone areas. Do not park under trees or power poles that can be blown down.

License and Registration Please

That’s right, these are important documents that you will need to secure during the storm. Store your keys and documentation in a waterproof casing place them in a safe but easily accessed place in case of emergency.

If you have to evacuate;

Avoid driving through standing or moving water. Most vehicles can be swept off the road in 12 inches of moving water. If you come across a flooded or blocked street, take another route.

If there are no other routes;

  • Try to get a good estimate of the depth of the water and drive slowly and steadily, though.
  • After making it safely through, depress your brakes slowly to dry them.
  • If you stall in deep water, you may have to restart your engine (note that this may cause serious damage to the engine)
  • If you’re unable to restart the engine and find that you have become trapped especially in rising, abandon the vehicle for higher ground.

The AutoPub team wishes to remind you that your safety is the priority during these weather conditions. Ensure that you are well prepared and fully stocked. Store up on water beforehand for drinking, cooking and other purposes should there be water lock offs. Charge up all devices in case of power outages and have a battery powered radio to keep up to date with the happenings.

Keep safe and dry!

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