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You might find that you’re ready to buy a car but want more information about the commitment you’re about to make. Luckily we’re here to help! Here are a few tips to ensure you get a positive and lasting experience from your new purchase.

Dont miss the warnings from your new vehicle!

Before you pop the hood to give it a look, the first habit you need to form is to pay attention your dashboard lights. The lights that come on after one turn of the key (or a half push, for keyless cars) and is your car’s way of communicating any issues. Get familiar with the symbols and their meanings so you don’t miss important warnings from your new vehicle.

Listen! Your Vehicle is trying to tell you something.

While driving, it’s important to pay attention to all the sounds you hear coming from your car. This way you will get familiar with the sounds that your vehicle is in tip-top shape and sounds that your vehicle is in need of help. Also pay attention to how your car responds to your actions–turning, accelerating or braking. This can save you money on potentially expensive repair bills.

Tyre Drill!

There you are cruising along and, out of nowhere, comes a pothole, you hear a loud explosion. Before you know it, you have a flat tyre and with no one to help. Be your own hero!

A great car maintenance tip is to run a tyre drill practice – changing tyres beforehand by asking an experienced friend or your mechanic to show you how, if you need the help. This way you’ll be ready to change that flat!

Oh and remember to check the tyre pressure at least once a month. Before long trips, as under-inflated tyres wear faster, waste gas and degrade your car’s handling.


Wash your car regularly

This one sounds like a no-brainer right? You wash your car for that beautiful shine when you drive by! While that may be the case, did you know that washing your car regularly also helps preserve your car’s paint? Regular washes help protect your car from corrosive salt, bug splatter, bird droppings and road grime. Remember to preserve water by using a bucket instead of hosing it down directly!

Pop the hood!

When you look under the hood of your car, do you feel a little overwhelmed? Does it looks like a complicated combination of parts that will make your car fall apart if you touch the wrong thing? Luckily for you there are internet guides. Get familiar with the different parts, and learn about all the fluids your car need to function. Soon you’ll be able to do the basic checks yourself like a pro!

Don’t let the fear of expensive repairs stop you from making your car purchase. With these simple tips you’ll be able to enjoy a long partnership with your beloved vehicle. Get Shopping! Visit our website at and find the car that’s right for you.

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